Dental Implants

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Missing teeth do much more than simply leave you with a gap in your smile. They can also lead to a variety of oral health issues.

Your remaining teeth may shift to fill in the space, causing alignment issues with your bite. Missing teeth also lead to jawbone deterioration, which can ultimately result in the loss of additional teeth. For these reasons, it is very important that you replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.

Dental implants are the most effective solution to replace missing teeth. They are the only option which replaces your missing root as well as the tooth. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants.

The best way to find out if dental implants are the right option for you is to speak with Dr. Heather Fleschler in person. Please call (713) 997-8999 today to schedule a consultation at our Houston implant dentistry office.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a variety of benefits compared with alternatives such as dentures or dental bridges:

  • Permanent – The dental implant fuses with your jawbone, allowing it to function just like your natural tooth root. As a result, it is the only permanent solution to replace your missing teeth.
  • Improved aesthetics – Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • Improved oral health – Adjacent teeth do not need to be altered to support a dental implant the way they do with a dental bridge. This preserves the long term health of your remaining teeth. Dental implants also eliminate the bone loss associated with alternative replacement options, reducing your risk of additional tooth loss in the future.
  • Improved speech – Poorly fitting dentures have a tendency to slip, causing you to mumble or slur your words when you speak. Since dental implants are permanently fused with your jaw, they eliminate the speech issues associated with dentures.
  • Improved eating ability – Dentures have a tendency to slide in your mouth, making chewing and eating more difficult. Dental implants function just like your natural teeth and can withstand the heavy forces exerted while chewing, enabling you to eat all of your favorite foods without concern.
  • Durability – When properly cared for, you dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Convenience – Dental implants eliminate the hassles associated with removing your dentures every night, and you will never have to deal with the messy adhesives necessary to keep dentures in place.

Your Dental Implant Procedure

Dr. Fleschler works closely with local periodontists during your dental implant procedure. The periodontist performs the implant placement and any necessary extractions, and Dr. Fleschler handles the creation and placement of the dental crown which will serve as your prosthetic tooth.

Working with a specialist for the implant placement phase of the procedure ensures you will achieve the best possible results. Dr. Fleschler serves as the leader of this team, letting the periodontist know exactly where the implant needs to be placed. Your dental crown will be constructed at one of the finest labs in the country, ensuring a beautiful result that will blend in seamlessly with your smile.


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