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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

If you are interested in achieving a straight, beautiful smile, but don’t want to invest the time necessary for orthodontics, then porcelain veneers may be an ideal option for you. Porcelain veneers are often referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they can provide the appearance of straight teeth in just a few visits to our Houston cosmetic dentistry office.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to improve the appearance of your smile. This cosmetic dentistry restoration consists of thin porcelain shells that get bonded to the front surface of your teeth. With the ability to treat multiple dental issues simultaneously and in a relatively short timeframe, it is no wonder why porcelain veneers remain such a popular cosmetic dental option.

Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

There are many advantages to choosing porcelain veneers as part of your smile makeover:

  • Dental porcelain mimics the translucency of natural tooth enamel, helping them blend in beautifully with neighboring teeth
  • Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant
  • Gum tissue tolerates dental porcelain very well
  • Porcelain veneers deliver durable, long-lasting results
  • You care for porcelain veneers just as you would care for your other teeth, making daily oral hygiene practices easy to maintain
All About Porcelain Veneers

Why Choose Dr. Fleschler

Dr. Heather Fleschler will customize your porcelain veneers procedure to achieve beautiful, natural looking results that blend in seamlessly with your smile. She pays careful attention to the shape of your face to ensure your new smile accentuates your other features. In addition, your porcelain veneers can be designed to match the shape, color, and size of neighboring teeth. The end result is a dazzling smile you can flash with pride.

Porcelain Veneers Before & After Photos

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Candidates for Porcelain Veneers

If you would like to correct one or more of the following cosmetic issues, porcelain veneers may be an excellent option:

  • Teeth with minor chips and cracks that do not threaten the integrity of the tooth
  • A crowded smile that does not necessarily require functional treatment
  • Crooked teeth that do not necessarily warrant braces or Invisalign
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are discolored beneath the enamel and cannot be treated with teeth whitening
  • Irregularly sized or shaped teeth
  • Teeth that have simply worn over time

In addition to seeking a solution for one of the above-mentioned issues, ideal candidates for porcelain veneers:

  • Have healthy teeth
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure
  • Do not suffer from gum disease
  • Do not grind their teeth

Diagnosis And Planning Your Porcelain Veneers Procedure

During your initial consultation, Dr. Fleschler will examine your teeth to make sure porcelain veneers are the right option to achieve your goals. She will then determine the appropriate number of veneers necessary to deliver the beautiful smile you desire.

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If you are interested in correcting the appearance of chipped, cracked, misshapen, or gapped teeth, you may only need one or two veneers. However, if you would like to improve the appearance of crooked or discolored teeth, you may require a full set of porcelain veneers to cover all visible tooth surfaces.

During the planning phase, Dr. Fleschler will also take steps to ensure your porcelain veneers are color-matched to the shade of your natural teeth. She may recommend a teeth whitening procedure in conjunction with your porcelain veneers in order to ensure your new veneers are matched to the whitest possible shade of your natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers Procedure Overview

At your next visit to our dental office, Dr. Fleschler will prepare your teeth to accommodate your new porcelain veneers. She will remove a small amount of enamel from the surface of your tooth. This allows your new veneer to form a tight fit on your tooth, preventing food particles and harmful bacteria from getting stuck underneath the veneer.

Dr. Fleschler will then take an impression of your teeth which will be sent to the lab and used in the construction of your porcelain veneers. Temporary veneers are placed on your teeth until the permanent ones return from the lab.

How is the Placement Procedure performed?

Once your porcelain veneers have been constructed by the lab, you will return to our office to have them bonded to your teeth. Dr. Fleschler will place your veneers on your teeth to make sure they fit properly and blend in seamlessly with your adjacent natural teeth. Once a proper fit and color match has been achieved, she will securely bond them to your teeth using a composite resin material.

After any necessary adjustments have been made, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new smile.

Patient Testimonial

“Thank you to Dr. Fleschler, Genevieve, Lisa and Marcie for the kind, compassionate care!!”– Laura L.

“Dr. Fleschler is an excellent, detail-oriented dentist! I’ve never had anyone better! She’s thorough and kind and never oversells her services. In addition, her staff: Lisa and Marcie, are amazing and friendly and extremely helpful. I recommend Dr. Fleschler to everyone/anyone!!!” – Rabia L.

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The skill and experience of your cosmetic dentist plays an important role in achieving beautiful results. Dr. Heather Fleschler has more than a decade of experience performing porcelain veneers procedures. She regularly trains at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), one of the top post-graduate cosmetic dentistry institutions in the country. This background, along with her commitment to highly personalized care, helps Dr. Fleschler achieve the exceptional results you deserve.

If you’re interested in learning more about porcelain veneers please contact us for a consultation at (713) 660-6500 or fill out our contact us form below. We will discuss your needs and concerns, and determine your best course of action.

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