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Dental anxiety is a common issue impacting millions of Americans. In many instances, this anxiety causes people to avoid important dental treatments. Unfortunately, when you don’t visit the dentist for your regularly scheduled checkups, it often results in the development of serious oral health issues that require more involved, and often more painful, procedures to correct.

For years, sedation dentistry has been the gold standard for relieving this dental anxiety. While sedation dentistry is very effective, it’s not for everyone. If you prefer an all-natural way to experience a relaxing dental visit, then you may want to try NuCalm®.

NuCalm – The All-Natural Way To Experience A Relaxing Dental Visit

Dr. Heather Fleschler knows her patients are looking for greater comfort and faster dental appointments, which is why she is proud to introduce NuCalm, a revolutionary all-natural neuroscience technology. Her patients love the comfort of the NuCalm dental experience.
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To date, over 200,000 dental patients across the United States have experienced a relaxing dental appointment with NuCalm. Approximately 98% of patients who have experienced NuCalm state they would recommend it to their friends and family.

Deep relaxation is achieved through 4 simple steps. While listening to soothing music, you will relax comfortably in the chair for the entire appointment. Once your dental appointment is completed, you can leave our office immediately with no side effects, no impairments, and no recovery time.

News is spreading quickly about NuCalm. It was featured on ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, and WGN Chicago. See news stories at

What Are The Benefits Of NuCalm?

Dr. Fleschler is always looking for ways to improve your dental visit. The big advantage she sees with NuCalm is that it is an all-natural stress intervention system. We live in a stressful time, and many of us struggle to effectively manage stress. With NuCalm, your body experiences deep relaxation and recovers from the damage caused by the chemical transactions associated with stress.

NuCalm provides a uniquely positive experience, reduces your stress, and lets you leave feeling refreshed. NuCalm also allows Dr. Fleschler to focus exclusively on doing her best dentistry. Our patients and our team love NuCalm and we are proud to provide this exceptional technology to you.

How Does NuCalm Work?

With NuCalm, deep relaxation is achieved through 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Chew dietary supplements containing all-natural ingredients that interrupt stress. The dietary supplements will not counteract or interfere with any medications or dietary restrictions.
  • Step 2: Patches are applied behind each ear for microcurrent stimulation. Research shows this helps to facilitate relaxation.
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  • Step 3: Wear headphones and listen to soothing music. Layered in the music is proprietary neuroacoustic software designed to facilitate deep relaxation.
  • Step 4: Wear NuCalm light-blocking eye mask to remove visual stimuli and maintain relaxation.

How Long Does It Take For NuCalm To Work?

NuCalm is administered by our team at the beginning of your appointment and most patients experience deep relaxation within 3 to 5 minutes.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“Dr. Fleschler is the best dentist I’ve ever been to, and the only dentist I’ve been to in whom I’ve had complete confidence. She does an excellent, careful job. She explains what she’s doing and why. Her offices are beautiful and very professional!” -Tom P.

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