What To Know About TMJ Disorders

Do you feel tenderness or discomfort in your jaw? Is it difficult for you to chew or open your mouth? If this is the case, you might have a TMJ disorder.  What Are TMJ Disorders? TMJ disorders are when a person experiences pain, tenderness, or discomfort in their temporomandibular joint. These joints are located on both …

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TMJ Treatments Options We Offer

Chronic pain does more than just create physical discomfort; it’s also mentally straining as well. Dealing with pain when completing normal tasks, and even while you’re sedentary, takes a toll on anyone and can often lead to emotional distress as you grapple with the daily aches and soreness in your body. For many people who suffer …

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How Do I know if I Have TMJ?

If you suffer from chronic headaches, jaw pain, or even neck pain, you may actually be dealing with TMJ disorder. This neuromuscular disorder affects the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to your skull, and is a complex joint that allows your jaw and mouth to move in various directions for talking, eating, and laughing. …

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Common Treatment Options for TMJ

TMJ is a painful condition that occurs when your jaw becomes misaligned. It can cause you to experience a variety of painful symptoms throughout your face, jaw, neck, back and shoulders. For many individuals, these symptoms can be debilitating, impacting their life on a daily basis. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with chronic TMJ …

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Do You Suffer from TMJ? (Quiz)

I had my first pain free visit to a Dentist. Dr. Fleschler was extremely patient with me and attentive to my wish not to have pain. I listened to music while she worked with her equally as qualified assistant. This is one visit that I can say was very pleasant. – Hugh A.

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