Posts From September, 2015

Why Do I Need to Treat My Sleep Apnea?

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is important to treat it to avoid some serious health risks associated with the condition. Sleep apnea causes you to experience repeated interruptions in breathing while asleep. In order to resume breathing, your brain must rouse you from sleep. This cycle can occur hundreds of times […]

State Dept. Petitioned to Ask FDA to Phase out Mercury Dental Fillings

Several nonprofit groups, including the Clean Water Action Committee, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club’s National Toxics Committee have petitioned the State Department to take a proactive role in compelling the FDA to begin reducing the use of mercury amalgam dental fillings. This petition is in response to the FDA’s slow compliance with […]

3 Ways Yoga Benefits your Oral Health

September is National Yoga Month, and Dr. Fleschler would like to commemorate this occasion by providing you with some information about how yoga can be beneficial to your oral health. While most of us know that yoga is an effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and core strength, its oral health benefits aren’t talked about […]

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