Posts From April, 2016

The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings

Maintaining personal oral health hygiene is a great way to stave off gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, it is highly important that you schedule regular teeth cleanings with Dr. Fleschler in Meyerland. Professional teeth cleanings supplement the work you do on your teeth at home and further promote good oral health. You should see […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment With MicrO2 Device

There are many ways to treat sleep apnea, a condition in which your airway closes during the night to interrupt breathing and causes you to wake up. The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device is one treatment option, and the MicrO2 is the latest device available. Both oral appliances are designed to help keep your […]

What Conditions Can Porcelain Veneers Correct?

I had my first pain free visit to a Dentist. Dr. Fleschler was extremely patient with me and attentive to my wish not to have pain. I listened to music while she worked with her equally as qualified assistant. This is one visit that I can say was very pleasant. – Hugh A.

Smoking Cigarettes Alters Bacteria in Mouth

April has been named Oral Cancer Awareness Month. As the #1 cause of preventable disease and mortality in the United States accounting for approximately 480,000 deaths per year, Dr. Heather Fleschler wants you to know that cancer caused by cigarette smoking is an epidemic deserving of your attention. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates […]

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