The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings

Maintaining personal oral health hygiene is a great way to stave off gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, it is highly important that you schedule regular teeth cleanings with Dr. Fleschler in Meyerland. Professional teeth cleanings supplement the work you do on your teeth at home and further promote good oral health.

You should see Dr. Fleschler for an oral exam at least every six months to make sure your teeth are in great shape. Here are a few reasons why regular teeth cleanings are so important:

1. Other Issues Can Be Detected

Teeth cleanings involve more than removing plaque buildup. Dr. Fleschler will also be surveying your mouth and watching for early signs of gum disease and oral cancer. These issues can be life threatening, but if they are detected early on, treatments can be put into place.

2. Oral Health Promotes Overall Health

A clean mouth and healthy gums will help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and many other problems. Bacteria in your mouth easily leaks into your blood stream when you have sensitive, bleeding gums. Keeping your mouth clean is the first step toward an overall healthy body.

3. Clean Teeth Promote Confidence

A bright shining set of teeth and healthy gums will make you want to smile more which will increase your confidence levels and could open up more possibilities in your life. You don’t have to hide your smile when it’s as easy as contacting our Meyerland dentist.

If you’re in need of a teeth cleaning, call Dr. Heather Fleschler at (713) 660-6500 and get started on your path to pristine oral health today. Dr. Fleschler serves clients in Meyerland, West University, Bellaire, and River Oaks, Texas along with surrounding areas of Texas.

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