How whiter teeth can help you appear younger

When you think of white teeth, you may think of young children with their brand new smiles. Their teeth are always a brilliant white as they have not been subjected to years of staining and discoloration from beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Because their smiles are often much brighter than adults, many believe that a whiter smile looks more youthful. Is it possible that a whiter smile can also make you look younger than you really are?

Do whiter teeth add youth?

Having a whiter smile can take years off of your age. When you flash a smile of pearly whites, you are exhibiting self-confidence to those around you. To others, a confident person not only appears more youthful but more attractive to others. On the flip side, if you have stained and yellowed teeth, you may find yourself avoiding smiling during social interactions. This can be seen as a lack of self-confidence, and have an impact on the way others view you. Covering your teeth when you talk, avoiding eye contact, and slouching your shoulders can also speak volumes regarding your self-confidence. Whitening your smile does a lot for one’s self-esteem and the way they appear to others—including exhibiting a more youthful outlook on life!

What whitening services are available in Houston, TX?

Dr. Heather F. Fleschler and her team provide professional whitening services for new and returning patients. She offers a few different ways to achieve the desired results patients want. This includes her popular in-office treatment called Opalescence Boost, or one of two at-home whitening options including Opalescence Go and Opalescence Customer Whitening Trays. In addition to these, patients can also keep their teeth whiter by using an ADA-approved whitening toothpaste with fluoride.

Are you interested in learning more about whitening your smile?

Come see Dr. Heather F. Fleschler of Houston, TX to learn more about the advantages of a brighter smile, and find out if you are a candidate for professional teeth whitening services at her state-of-the-art dental facility. Call (713) 660-6500 to request an appointment at our office, conveniently located at 5252 Westchester Street, Suite #200.

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