Innovative Dental Solutions to Maximize your Smile

Dental Technology Houston, TX ’ll admit that most dental patients don’t find our field of practice very interesting. The general consensus is that dental visits are something you just have to get through with as little stress as possible. On our end, though, dentistry is an exciting field that is continually changing in ways that help us better serve our patients. Here, we want to point out some of the innovative dental solutions we offer to elevate your dental experiences and your smile.


As many as 40 million Americans feel so anxious about seeing the dentist that they avoid their semi-annual checkups and cleanings. If you’re one of these people, you know that there can be unpleasant consequences. Not seeing the dentist because of fear only leads to painful problems that exacerbate the original sense of anxiety. We can put a stop to this cycle by including NuCalm® holistic relaxation system. This approach to calming dental fears consists of homeopathic medication, micro-stimulation, noise-canceling headphones, and a light-blocking eye mask. The fact that patients say they would recommend NuCalm® to others demonstrates the efficacy of this drug-free solution for dental anxiety.

Dental Implants

Dental implants represent dental innovation at its best. This advancement in dentistry has changed the way patients address tooth loss. Dental implants are not new teeth; they are new roots. By reinstating an appropriate root structure, dental implant treatment sets the stage for long-term, lifelike tooth replacement. This restorative method is suitable for patients who have lost one tooth or who want to eliminate the frustration they experience with standard dentures. The tiny titanium posts become encased in bone after we insert them carefully. Then, we can affix the appropriate crown or bridge to completely makeover the smile.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

When the field of dentistry was still new, many materials were investigated for their restorative qualities. Dental amalgam seemed advantageous because, once the mixture of metals hardened within its mercury base, this material held its structure. The primary reason for amalgam’s popularity was that it was affordable. The primary downside to amalgam has taken years to discover. This material turns dark as it oxidizes, so does not look natural. Amalgam expands when it heats, which can fracture enamel over time. As an alternative to amalgam fillings, we treat patients with mercury-free, tooth-colored resin fillings that fortify strength while supporting natural appearance.

In our Houston office, we believe in harnessing the power of innovation to complement personal, friendly dental care. To schedule your visit with us, call (713) 660-6500.

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