Should I Replace Old Metal Amalgam Fillings?

The official position of the American Dental Association (ADA) is that the amount of mercury in amalgam fillings is small enough not to pose a threat to health. But even if this is the case, metal fillings have other disadvantages you may want to consider. River Oaks dentist Dr. Heather Fleschler encourages you to know all the facts about metal amalgam dental fillings when deciding whether to have yours replaced.

The ADA has dismissed concerns about potential mercury toxicity issues associated with the amalgam in metal dental fillings and supports its use as a treatment for tooth decay. However, many patients prefer not to take the risk and opt for tooth colored fillings. Choosing replacement fillings is ultimately a personal decision you should make based on your willingness to accept potential unidentified risks associated with metal fillings.

However, metal fillings have other disadvantages that are worth a closer look. One of the most significant is that metal fillings expand and contract when they come into contact with hot and cold substances. Over time, repeated expansion and contraction can create hairline fractures and lead to tooth sensitivity.

Metal fillings also have the potential to

  • Change shape due to chewing and biting
  • Permit bacterial reinfection if cracks develop
  • Detract from the appearance of your smile and affect your self-image

Tooth colored fillings are much more resistant to these complications than metal amalgam fillings. And they’re made from a substance that matches the color of your natural teeth.

If you’re ready to discover the advantages of modern tooth colored fillings, please contact Dr. Heather Fleschler today at (713) 660-6500. We proudly serve patients in River Oaks and throughout the greater Houston, Texas metropolitan area.

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