Why tooth extraction may be necessary for a patient

Beautiful woman portrait It is best to preserve the natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are situations that might occur with time that may result in the need for removing a tooth or teeth. Dr. Heather F. Fleschler and her team in Houston, TX is here to assist patients when they are in need of tooth extraction, and provides both surgical and nonsurgical options.

Why might I need a tooth removed?

Tooth extraction may occur for various reasons. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Severely damaged tooth. A tooth that has been significantly damaged and cannot be restored with restorative methods may benefit from removal and replacement.
  • Failed root canal therapy. If endodontic therapy does not save a tooth, it will require extraction and replacement.
  • Preparation for orthodontics. Patients with overcrowding may find that in order to straighten their teeth with orthodontic work, they will need to have one or more teeth removed to make room.
  • Preparation for dentures. Removal of remaining teeth may be performed if a patient is choosing to replace their teeth with full dentures. This is only done if partial dentures are not an option for the individual.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the third molars that are the last to erupt through the gumline. In many cases, there is not enough room for them, so they can become impacted and painful. Removal is the best option for these patients.

What is the difference between surgical and nonsurgical extractions?

Surgical extractions are needed for teeth that have not erupted through the gumline, such as impacted wisdom teeth, in which the dentist needs to cut into the gum tissue and bone to get to the tooth. Simple extraction is the removal of a tooth that is above the gumline and accessible to simply pull from the jawbone within a matter of minutes.

How do I learn more about tooth extraction?

Removing the teeth may be necessary in a number of different situations, and our practice can help. Contact our Houston, TX area practice by calling (713) 660-6500 and visit the office at 5252 Westchester Street, Suite #200.

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