Why Do Porcelain Veneers Resist Staining?

There are many reasons why porcelain veneers are an extremely effective cosmetic dentistry solution to improve the appearance of your smile. One of the greatest benefits you’ll experience is that veneers are stain resistant. When properly cared for, they can help you maintain a bright white smile for 10 years or longer.

Your porcelain veneers are created using a dental porcelain material that is hard, glassy and non-porous. In addition, the surfaces of your veneers are tightly sealed. As a result, it is extremely difficult for staining foods, beverages and chemicals to penetrate the veneer. If you drink several cups of coffee a day or love having a glass of red wine to unwind at night, you can do so without worrying about how these beverages will impact the appearance of your teeth.

However, it’s important to understand that there are certain circumstances where your porcelain veneers may become more susceptible to staining. This may happen if:

  • You brush with an abrasive toothpaste
  • You are a heavy smoker
  • Your veneers become chipped or cracked

Brushing with an abrasive toothpaste can scratch the surface of your porcelain veneers, making them more porous. If this occurs, your veneers may become more susceptible to stains. To avoid this issue, make sure you use a toothpaste recommended by Dr. Fleschler.

Cigarette smoke contains compounds such as tar which can stick to the surface of your teeth. If you are a heavy smoker, other staining agents may cling to the sticky tar along the surface of your porcelain veneers. Fortunately, these surface stains can easily be removed by Dr. Fleschler during your regularly scheduled dental cleanings.

It’s also important to avoid actions that can damage your veneers, such as biting hard objects or opening cans and bottles with your teeth. These actions can cause your porcelain veneers to chip or crack, making them more susceptible to staining.

One final concern may impact individuals who only have a few teeth treated with porcelain veneers. If all of the teeth exposed by your smile are covered by veneers, they will all be equally stain resistant. But when only some of these teeth are covered by veneers, the rest of your teeth will still be susceptible to staining. This may result in a two-colored smile where teeth covered by veneers remain shiny and bright while teeth without veneers become more tarnished. If you have a mix of veneers and natural teeth, you will want to be very careful about the staining agents you consume in order to avoid this issue.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers, please contact Dr. Heather Fleschler using the form on this page or call (713) 660-6500 today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in the Houston, Texas areas of West University, Meyerland, River Oaks and Bellaire.

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